East Dallas Restaurants

109York Street

Address: 6047 Lewis Street, Dallas, TX  75206   Make a Reservation
York Street
York Street Restaurant is governed by an ethical culinary philosophy, where “supporting sustainable, responsibly raised food lies at the heart of what we do best.” Chef Sharon A. Hage uses fresh ingredients in dishes like Wolf Fish Di Parma, which features a prosciutto roast, thin green beans, and sherry-shallot vinaigrette, and pairs her menu with a selection of teas that stands in for a more traditional wine menu. Also at the heart of what York Street does best is promote its family – get to know baker Armando Castillo; the waiter, Clint Patronella, and receptionist, Sheryl White. But most of … Learn More »

108Chez Gerard

Address: 4444 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX  75205   Make a Reservation
The cozy, intimate retaurant has been a Dallas favorite since it opened in 1984. By day, it is light and cheery, with sunlight coming through the lace curtains. In the evenings, diners are immersed in the cozy glow of the intimate room. Learn More »

107Angela's Bistro 51

Address: 2701 Guillot St, Dallas, TX  75204   Make a Reservation
Although now defunct, Angela's Bistro was one of Dallas's quaint hot spots. Featuring a lush atmosphere with wood floors, cozy lighting, and modernist art work, patrons could feel perfectly at home as if they were in their own kitchen. While being soothed by classical and jazz selections, the food almost looks home-made and ranges from crab cakes, to cooked scallops, and usually ends with a chocolate pecan-crusted dessert. May Angela’s rest in peace. Learn More »