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Address: 1802 Greenville Ave Ste 110, Dallas, TX  75206   Make a Reservation
Swizzle, a tropical escape from the ordinary. Learn More »


Address: 2927 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX  75206   Make a Reservation
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Steak, seafood, and macaroni and cheese highlight the menu at the pacific-inspired Hibiscus restaurant. The restaurant has turned old retail space into a modern yet cozy dining room complete with a brick oven and a china cabinet, just like where mom kept the good dishes. With high ceilings and accommodating booths, the large size of the restaurant reflects the size of the dishes they serve. This chic chophouse specializes in such generous portions of their signature comfort food that you won’t walk away hungry. If you’re that rare exception and have room left after your meal, try the Raspberry Cheesecake … Learn More »

105Trader Vic's

Address: 5330 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX  75206   Make a Reservation
Trader Vic's
In 1967 Victor Berger opened a swanky island themed dining destination with a vacation feel, an upscale environment and American-Polynesian cuisine that attracted guests such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Bob Hope. In 2006 Trader Vic’s was renovated and remains luxuriously retro with a modern twist. With bamboo covered ceilings and walls, colorful flowers and palm trees sprinkled about the lounge and dining area, guests can enjoy wonderful land and sea, island inspired fare and cocktails, as if they’re on a tropical getaway. Executive Chef Mike Owens creates masterpiece meals with fresh ingredients, and even has a close relationship with … Learn More »