Plano Restaurants

1010Henry's Crab Shack

Address: 901 W Spring Creek Pkwy #125, Plano, TX  75023   Make a Reservation

107Yao Fuzi

Address: 4757 W. Park Blvd., Plano, TX  75093   Make a Reservation
Yao Fuzi
Striking in appearance, the Yao Fuzi main dining room is as impressive as the extensive food and beverage menu, offering guests the finest Japanese fare in a beautiful setting. Bright red walls, contrasting black and white tables, glowing purple overhead lights, and Asian-inspired art and lampshades band together in a unified, classy atmosphere. A lighted fish tank illuminates in the center of the room and flat screen televisions hang atop the full bar. The menu is composed of innovative Japanese noodle, rice, meat, poultry, soup, vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as an impressive list of special cocktails, beers, wines … Learn More »

107Nicola's Ristorante Italiano

Address: 5800 Legacy Dr., Plano, TX  75024   Make a Reservation
Nicola's Ristorante Italiano
Nicola's Ristorante Italiano is essentially the best of both Italian worlds; authentic hand-made Italian dishes, served in a dashing contemporary dining environment. Guests can choose the full bar, intimate high-backed booths, and outdoor patio and mezzanine seating options to suit their comfort. Flat screen TVs provide entertainment in the form of Italian sports and programs. Groceries are delivered twice daily to ensure Chef Marchesi has the freshest of ingredients on hand at all times, and there are no freezers in the entire restaurant. Not only are fresh pastas and pizzas hand-made in traditional shapes, but they are also baked in … Learn More »


Address: 7161 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX  75024   Make a Reservation
To dine at Jasper’s is to be surrounded by greatness. From the chic and contemporary décor that seduces the eye with a cool color scheme and clean lines to the savvy Gourmet Backyard Cuisine menu orchestrated by none other than Executive Chef and Partner Kent Rathbun, every component of the Jasper’s dining experience is intended to satisfy. Rathbun wields his expertise over American regional cuisine to construct dishes that both please the soul and intrigue the palate; and as an Iron Chef America winner, guests can rest assured that they’ll taste for themselves the Chef’s unique vision and flair. Learn More »

107Steve Fields Steak and Lobster Lounge

Address: 5013 W. Park Blvd., Plano, TX  75093   Make a Reservation

106Coast Global Seafood

Address: 7501 Lone Star Dr., Plano, TX  75024   Make a Reservation
Coast Global Seafood
To quote Chef Joshua Laban Perkins, “Finding the essence of simplicity is to know water and its gifts.” This motto is personified through the interior décor of the restaurant as well as the menu. Soothing blues flow throughout the main dining room, with coral colored vertical sticks hanging below a high portion of a wall, sandy in color and covered in sea shells to portray a shore. A larger than cylinder shaped mobile of fish hangs down from the ceiling, giving guests the feeling of sitting on the ocean floor and looking up at a swimming school. Coast Global Seafood … Learn More »

107Loft 610

Address: 5760 State Hwy 121, Plano, TX  75024   Make a Reservation
Loft 610
Loft 610 elevates urban elegance to a whole new level with chic and accommodating touches that stimulate both the imagination and appetite. Open in theory and design, the Loft’s Kitchen encourages guests to watch the spectacle of their New American cuisine food being prepared, while Executive Chef Tre Wilcox is continually revising and revamping his bold and satisfying menu. Mingle with a martini in the Lounge and enjoy a healthy side of vibrant ambience with your meal; and when the music takes you over, dance the rest of the evening away in the Loft. Learn More »