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109Aurora Maison de Cuisine

Address: 4216 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX  75219   Make a Reservation
Aurora Maison de Cuisine
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Aurora is decadence at its most classic. The quaint and intimate dining room exudes romance, with subdued lighting, candlelit tables, and soft accents. The open kitchen, set behind a frame of etched glass, looks like a theater stage, with the kitchen staff acting out a nightly performance. Their creations are as whimsical and elegant as the décor, with an array of French-inspired dishes that play on premium ingredients, inventive combinations, and classic pairings. The menu changes weekly, but entrees like Chicken Crusted with Lemon Thyme, Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Pomme Puree, and Lamb Rib Medallions with Sweet Potato Gnocchi suggest … Learn More »


Address: 2917 Fairmount Street, Dallas, TX  75201   Make a Reservation
Picturesquely set with a “cottage in the woods” vibe, Lola the Restaurant is a quaint escape from city life. The historic house in which the restaurant resides seats seventy, and includes some unique attributes, such as the tasting room. Seated in this room, diners may sample the 10-course petite portion meal, for a delightfully diverse experience. Elsewhere in the restaurant, a prix fixe menu serves as the nightly menu, offering the option of two, three, and four courses. Dishes like Lemon Sole and Braised Beef Short Ribs and delectable dessert selections like Peanut Parfait with grapes and brittle, and Pear … Learn More »


Address: 2719 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX  75204   Make a Reservation
Tutto combines the elegance of fine dining with the freedom of open space. Whether you prefer dining on the patio or enjoying the roomy interior, you are sure to find Tutto a refreshing experience! Not limiting himself to the tastes of either Northern or Southern Italy, Owner/Chef Joseph Gutierrez has created an eclectic offering full of rich meats and zesty pastas. Learn More »